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Posted: Aug 27 2014

In 2001, I was a graduate school student at Florida International University in Miami and heavily engrossed in their African Studies Program when I decided to accept an invitation to go to Africa.  I had received my invitation from a professor, Charles Alphin, Sr., teaching for the Martin Luther King Institute in Atlanta.  He was to travel with a small, select group going to South Africa and Ghana, West Africa.  It was to be a research and educational tour that would deliver much needed computers to schools in South Africa. 

That trip led to the beginning of this business that you see here today, surprising even me, as I had no real intention of starting this business when it happened.  Since that amazing year, several trips have been made to various other countries in Africa, and countless friends/business relationships, have been made.  Some of those you will read about in this blog.  Many of whom are still supplying this business today.  So let me welcome you now, and say that God does truly order our steps. 

(Photo is of me at the Centre for National Culture, taken on a subsequent trip to Ghana).

I have loved photography all my life.  I find it easier to relate my form of journalism through images. Faces are my passion; however, I do take a landscape or two such as this one of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa. 


Almost all of the photographs you will see on this blog and the website were taken by me, otherwise photo credits will be provided.  The journeys will not always be in chronological order, or with strict regard for location.  Oftentimes, my friends joined me, such as on my trip to East Africa. 

This is my Nigerian born, good friend, and traveling companion Caroline.   

On my trip to Ghana and Senegal, it was my African born “brother” Ahmed.

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