• Headwrap & Aso Oke Shawl
  • Headwrap & Aso Oke Shawl

African Village Market

Headwrap & Aso Oke Shawl

$ 99.95

Aso Oke


Ladies Gele headwrap (40" wide X 70" Long) and matching Aso Oke shawl (30" wide and 70" long) in pink and burgundy with shiny gold accent stripes. This beautiful and heavy-weight woven cloth is from Nigeria. The history of this cloth is that it was usually worn for ceremonies and important events. It is considered an impressive, high-status cloth to be admired. It was originally worn by those of influence in the Yoruba culture of southwestern Nigeria. Now this set (one piece for the head and one piece to be worn over the shoulder) is available for those who enjoy the best of African traditional cloth, individual, hand-made, and as many of our offerings, it is one of a kind.

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