• "Quaga" Cloth

African Village Market

"Quaga" Cloth

$ 94.95 $ 128.95



(12 Ft. X 3 3/4 Ft.) This strong, good quality, cotton-poly blend cloth (48" wide) would work for clothing, table cloths, pillow covers, wall hangings, upholstery, or dozens of other uses. ($31.95 per yd). We can cut other sizes to fit your needs.

Note: This cloth is manufactured on the Madiba Range in South Africa. Da Gama factory is the only textile company in South Africa that has been granted permission by Madiba himself, for the use of his image on their Original Shweshwe range. A percentage of all the fabric sales are donated to charity by the Da Gama Textiles Company for this honour. Madiba is a nickname given to Nelson Mandela by his Xhosa tribe..

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